If you are an SEO agency in Sydney, chances are you will get SEO clients in the same city. What this means is that your content ideas need to be tailored to suit the client’s needs in Sydney, and attract website traffic for your client that is relevant to the client’s industry within the same city.

One of the best ways to boost the SEO of your client is by using relevant content to attract readers to your client’s website. Why is this? Leads don’t usually come to Google Search to find specific products or services they want to buy. When they come, it is to research the topic and find solutions to their problems. After reading and researching about the topic, if they are convinced that they need a particular product or service, they can now go ahead to place an order and purchase that product or service from the company or business that makes them feel more secure about their purchase. Visit http://www.p1.com.au/ to know more about SEO Ideas.

A great way to boost your lead’s confidence in you is by posting great content that positions you as an authority on the subject. Since knowledge changes every time, it is therefore important that you have a setup that allows you to find new content and post them constantly to get more traffic for your website.

Let us look at some places you can find good content ideas you can use to boost your SEO in Sydney.

Look Within Yourself

It is important for your company to reach out to customers to find out what they want and create content around it, but once in a while, you can learn a lot by looking for good ideas within your company. Organise good brainstorming sessions where your marketing team can sit down and talk about ideas they must have gotten from competitors or their own personal experience with other brands. Take note of all ideas and work to provide value while bringing various plans to fruition.

Google Search Results

One of the first places you can check out for fresh ideas to use in creating content is Google itself. Use the search prediction tool by typing out a few keywords in your industry on the search bar without clicking on search. Google will give you a list of 8 other predictions that are related to what other people have searched for before and you can use these content ideas to form new topics.

Also, after clicking on search, you can see a tab titled “People Also Ask” where you can get another set of fresh ideas you can use for your content. Finally, at the bottom of every Google search, there is a section titled “Related Searches” with another 8 related content ideas you can take for yourself. The ideas are overwhelmingly bountiful if you look for them properly, and you can also play around with the keywords you search with to find new ideas for your content.

Reddit and other online communities

Online forums and communities in your industry are nice places to find good content ideas, because they are filled with people looking for help, support and answers to the questions that normally come up in your industry. Reddit is a great online community because it contains lots of smaller communities (or subreddits) on basically every topic that exists. 

One way to use reddit is by going to reddit and taking note of all the common topics that are discussed in reddit. That way, you can respond directly to problems and issues facing your customers on your website content. Another less known way is by using the reddit keyword tool. The reddit keyword tool is different from other keyword tools because it doesn’t use a seed keyword you are giving it to come out with a ton of longform keywords. What it does instead is to look through various subreddits and provide the words that are most used in that subreddit. 

For example, if you repair cars, you can find subreddits like r/CarTalk or r/Carrepair very helpful. Using the keyword research tool, when you enter the subreddit, you can find top keywords used in the subreddit. In addition to that, you can see the monthly search volume, as well as the context in which such words were used. 

This is a goldmine for companies looking to boost their SEO in Sydney, as you can literally find out what your leads are talking about the most online and use those keywords to attract them to your website.

Social Media

Social media is another content goldmine for companies looking to boost their SEO in Sydney. Social media can tell you what people are talking about constantly, and following the right trends can give you ideas on what to create content around. Hod do you do this?

You can join groups on Facebook about your industry and take note of questions that are commonly asked.

Also, you can follow hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, and you will see trending topics in your industry. By following the trends you can find out more about your customers and what their biggest concerns are. This will help you get better ideas to promote more good content and boost your SEO.


Good content provides value to your content in a clear and easy way. If you are a local business in Sydney, you might want to consider focusing on keywords that can help your SEO in Sydney. For example, if you are in the business of selling used cars in Sydney, you can write articles about how people can go about the process of buying a used car specifically in Sydney. The paperwork required, as well as tips potential car owners can use to make the process easier for them. 

By doing this, you attract specific traffic: people interested in buying a used car in Sydney. This way, when the time comes to buy a used car, they will be calling your business for assistance.